Friday, May 27, 2011

NVR-NDR performing with My Velcroe

As some of you may know, My Velcroe and NVR-NDR have collaborated in the past. Emily did guest vocals on "Be Who You Are," the first NVR-NDR song to ever be released. I helped produce the as-of-yet undreleased My Velcroe tracks "Holy Mountain" and "Jungians."

You can hear a clip of "Jungians" in this video:::

Check out the Ms. Blong's press release for the The Mythology of Broken Velcroe Land
There are 4 dates!

June 24th
July 1st
July 8th
July 15th

"When pop art meets quilting meets Dr. Seuss meets vaudville camp meets rockshow meets rave meets psycedelic childrens show meets the echo park rock scene, you get The Mythology of Broken Velcroe Land - a Music Spectacular!

Creator and star of the show, Emily Blong describes herself as a hunter of invisible beasts. She spends most nights alone in her home studio playing God to an imaginary place that she calls Broken Velcroe Land. Whether it be converting a fatalist sense of humor into sultry piano pop, hand-stitching wall sized-fabric kajji inspired tapestries, or writing her own "Seussian" style mythologies, everything she creates serves as a puzzle piece to an ever-expanding story about this vivid penal-inspired parallel dimension manifested through musical mantra..

A quilt show gone live action cartoon, Emily's extensive installation of plushie demon dolls and wall-sized tapestries will transport visitors into Broken Velcroe Land and the setting of a magical story about waking up in your own personal hell...and its adoreable. Through a dynamic Electra-cabaret performance, your musical tour guides, Emily Blong and her troop of imaginary friends known as My Velcroe, will unlock the story of this colorful plush purgatory and its synthetic fur inhabitants. You may be tempted to bring children, but you'd be advised to cover their ears at parts because Emily likes to keeps it real; real dark.

Opening June 24, 2011 and the three fridays thereafter, mimes, magicians, puppeteers, dancers and cameo guests will join the performance each week, including garagerock supervillans, Haunted Tiger, a plushie pizza superraver called NVR-NDR, and deathrock star Lucas Lanthier who will pop in with a few tricks. While guests enjoy the open bar, every show will kickoff in the back garden with a new puppet show for grown-ups by Dirtbike Theatre or Three Chairs theatre. If you love magic then be there on July 15th when the Magic Castle’s "W. C. Fields Bar Magician of the Year," six time winner and all star Pop Haydn, will open with his amazing Post-Modern Medicine Show.

Move over Chicks On Speed, and give our regards to Hr. Pufnstuf, life and death are D.I.Y. for Echo Park's own Kate Bush who closes the show with the moral, "Don't let your imaginary friends trap your real friends in your suicide..unless they like music and pizza". This deliciously sinister art/music/theatre hybrid is a must see for crafters, hipsters, post-hipsters, whats-a-hipsters? deathrockers, non-rockers, ravers, high-brow art fans, low-brow artists, high-brow perverts, cynics, suicidal recluses, music critics, food critics, puppet lovers, your mom and dad, bored intellectuals, handicapped gorillas, and those who are "dying" for something new. Who thought burning in hell would be this much fun?

Sancho.1549 Sunset Blvd. Echo Park 90026

Doors open at 7:30, show starts promptly at 8:30.

June 24, July 1, July 8 tickets $17

July 15 w Pop Haydn $20

Price includes complimentary drinks and the time of your life.

This small venue will sell out. To secure your seats please email your name, show date, and the number of tickets you would like to purchase to or come in to the gallery during business hours 12-6p."

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