Monday, May 9, 2011

110509: NVR-NDR update

[tlr] at the Smell, photo by Alyssa Tucker
Makeup by Laura Raczka

And now for a long overdue blog update. The show at the Smell with Captain Ahab, Divtech, and Flybatsu was awesome. Mega ultra thanx to all those who made it possible, especially Myrrh-Ka-Ba, and Adam Burgett who worked on the backing track and video. Also to the lovely SexyDeathRay who graced the NVR-NDR merch table. Speaking of which, new shirts and bandannas are available, printed by Vintage Printing Company.

I've finally been assimilated by the Faceborg and made a NVR-NDR fan page. LIKE IT plz...

Click the image below to check out Alyssa Tucker's awesome photos from the show:

Big ups to certain nameless beasts who magically appeared:

The NVR-NDR cover of "We Will Win," a song from the anime Robotech is on the new Spring Cleaning compilation from Robo! Robotica:


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