Saturday, March 31, 2012

20120331: Music video for "Never Ender" and Part I of the NVR-NDR comic!

This music video for the song "Never Ender" was shot and edited by Bao Vo Creative. The footage comes from the 2010 recording of the NVR-NDR live album Extreme Hyper Impact. However the music in the video is the "studio" version of the track which was released on the legendary compilation "Spring Cleaning Music: Vol. 1" by Robo! Robotica. This is the first ever NVR-NDR music video!

I am also very happy to finally present the digital incarnation of the first installment of the NVR-NDR comic. A collaboration between my brother Evan Shechet, myself, and Ted Nava.

Further installments coming soon! Check the NVR-NDR "story" section for updates and a new bio written by Liz Ohanesian.

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And finally, most exciting of all:

NVR-NDR will be doing a short West Coast tour with Ming & Ping and Mike Diva in early June! Stay tuned for more info on that.

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