Monday, November 15, 2010

101115: NVR-NDR update

[tlr] and Ro-G at Tune In Tokyo 2nd Anniversary
Photo by Liz Ohanesian
Polo performing with NVR-NDR
Photo by Justin Sullivan
Polo & [tlr]
Photo by Marianne Williams

Polo (Stephanie Yanez, Nirf) is now performing live guitar with NVR-NDR. Yay! He rules. So. Hard. I'm working on a cover of July 1st (A Eurobeat remix) by Ayumi Hamasaki as a collaboration with Polo and Stephanie. This is it so far:

July 1st [101122] by [tlr]

Bjorn, AKA Ono-Sendai, has moved back to Los Angeles and will be DJ'ing live for NVR-NDR as well as working on other visual effects.

EXTREME HYPER IMPACT will be released for free download in December 2010, and in other forms shortly thereafter. It's a 20 minute live NVR-NDR album featuring live guitar by Polo and cover art by David Pursley (Starcraft, Diablo) and Oscar Guzman (Masters of Orion). Also included with the release will be several remixes by Sheldon James, Tetsujin, Personal Relations and [tlr].

I am currently booking a West Coast tour with Bubblegum Octopus and Monomate from January 6th to January 15th. If you think you can help with booking or promotion please contact me.




  1. So surreal to say this, but if you can believe it, I've worked with Polo once upon a time. L.A. just gets smaller with each passing day.