Sunday, April 4, 2010

100404 The Illuminist interview and upcoming NVR-NDR projects!

Early sketch of NVR-NDR art by David Pursley.

As you can see, the art is looking great! David brought his friend Oscar Guzman on to color the artwork. Oscar has worked on a number of classic games as well, including Masters of Orion. Should be done soon! I can't wait.

So much going on! I am working on some NVR-NDR covers of anime and J-pop tunes for us to hopefully perform at the LA 2010 Anime Expo Battle of the Bands. We will be auditioning for that soon. Check out this new demo:

NVR-NDR's trusty long distance guitar master, the Illuminist, will be interviewed live Saturday, April 10th @ 3:30 EST, 2:30 CST, on Chillin With Jeff and Kenny C. The show can be streamed online here. He will be talking about his upcoming album and working over the internet with NVR-NDR!

Meanwhile, the lovely Dj Ono-Sendai (Bjorn Littlefield-Palmer, a.k.a. KAWAIIETLY PLEASE) is preparing for the NVR-NDR show in Second Life, due for the end of May. Should be completely amazing.

I also started a new music download blog, where I am posting free and legal downloads of fantasy metal, happy hardcore, chiptune, and other music that sparks my interest. Follow with google or subscribe to the RSS feed for a steady supply of epic and magical tunes! wrote this nice little blurb about NVR-NDR:

Also, completely un-related to NVR-NDR, my girlfriend KtB and I had a lot of fun painting mannequins yesterday. ^_^


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