Monday, March 29, 2010

100329 LA Weekly writes about NVR-NDR!

Thanks to everyone who made NEW AGE PARTY MUSIC (3/27/2010 at HM157) the huge success and amazing party that it was!!! I want to especially thank D. Bene Tleilax for curating the event and Katie Broad of Insidious Clothing for making my amazing Pizza Armor and being super-mega-supportive girlfriend powrarr 4eva. Also thanks Bao Vo, Daniel Ribiat and Nathanial Peck for helping me mix the tracks for the show. And of course TTMM, BASECK, WMX and PEMDAS, + everyone who made it out and danced like crazy!

Liz Ohanesian of LA WEEKLY wrote a totally kick-ass write up about the show. Check it out and leave a comment with your thoughts!

KtB uploaded these clips she took at the show:

More video coming soon!


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