Sunday, November 29, 2009

091129 Demo_6 and old "Never-Ender" song

Its almost my birthday (Dec 4th) and my parents gave me this radical hat... lol...

I've actually been working on nvr-ndr since 2004. I just keep starting over as I re-invent the idea of what I want to do... I think it gets better every time though.

Just for fun, here is a song from a old version of "never-ender":

[tlr] - fantasium(081100) by [tlr]
Its obviously more rock influenced. When I finish this version of nvr-ndr, I want to go back and finish the previous versions, since they have a entirely different sound and storyline. Kind of like how all the Final Fantasy games are different but the same...

And here is one of my new tracks, that I just started recently. Very much more Happy Hardcore influenced. I think the project is sounding more and more how I want it to, which makes me happy. Thank you so much to everyone who is following my adventures!

[tlr] - nvr-ndr demo 6 (091123) by [tlr]

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