Friday, August 14, 2009

The world of NVR-NDR

The world of NVR_NDR runs on different metaphysical rules than the universe we currently inhabit. In practice, it is similar to a video game, or a solipsistic dream. A soul born into NVR_NDR comes into existence full grown and with all of its faculties, although it must still progress to achieve its full potential by questing through "the game".

The topography of NVR_NDR is a shifting mass of shapes and light. Time and space are shaped more like a vortex than a curve. Objects on the edge of the senses dissolve into non-existence. Various levels/areas are inhabited by seraphim-like guardian creatures who attack souls to test their worth. Only those strong enough to defeat the guardians can proceed; if the soul is defeated it will become one of the guardian creatures.


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