Thursday, August 13, 2009

[tlr] - NVR-NDR

Hieh intranetz! I am [tlr]. Since I was a small child, I have wanted to create another universe. I have tried to do so several times, and failed up to this point. But this time I am determined to succeed. To document my struggle, I have created this blog. Here I will regularly post concept art, song demos, and news related to NVR_NDR.

NVR_NDR (pronounced "Never Ender") is my attempt to portray life, from birth to beyond, as I dream it should be, in a universe of my design. The aesthetics of NVR_NDR are primarily inspired by my love of videogames, anime, and mythology. Musically, I am attempting to combine hardcore rave music, videogame soundtracks, epic fantasy metal, and J-pop. The story of [tlr], as he quests through NVR_NDR, is based on a desire for meaning in life, and the never ending quest to "BEAT THE GAME".


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