Friday, August 20, 2010

100820: Site under construction

Working on improving the NVR-NDR site so pardon my pixie dust. Also, if anyone wants me to do some freelance marketing, art, audio, consulting, web design, etc. for $$$, I need it badly this month. Please help spread the word.

I can be contacted here:




  1. Just found your website whilst crawling through some vast multitunnelling musik site...there's something quite charming and groovy about your work...I was looking for one of those blogspot 'follow' buttons so that your link would appear on my own blog (or rather one of them, I have far too many of the damn'd things) but you dun' seem to have one. Your music makes me feel like I want to go tripping. (But since nearly everything does...I should come up with a better description.)

    How about "a fey, spasti-pizazztic, hyperfibrillistic psycholytic sound zap"? I see you have a San Francisco show coming up, so I'll mark my calendar...however, it's so hard to get me out of the house (I'm sort of a female and American version of a hikikomori) so I am not promising I'll make it. But maybe I will, there's a better chance of it than most other inducements to go out I've run into this year...


  2. awesome
    hopefully see u in san fran!